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  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), also called LP gas is a low-carbon, low-polluting fuel.

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  • Fault Check

    Get support for suspicous leaks and help in connecting your cylinders for free.

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  • Regulator & Accessories

    Regulators and other useful accessories from Villa Gas.

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  • Clean Gas

    We supply clean gas that doesn't contain any impurities

  • Customer Support

    We are always open to attend the queries and concerns our clients

  • Home Delivery

    Our clients prefer us as our home delivery service is the fastest in the nation

  • High Energy

    Our gas is pure and high in energy. It produces more heat per unit volume, hence very cost effective

About Us

Villa Hakatha operates the largest liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage facility in the Maldives, which consists of 3 Horton Spheres. Due to our bulk LPG storage capability and the convenient location, we are able to store and distribute LPG at affordable prices.

Since our humble beginning as the first LPG distributor in the Maldives, the demand for Villa Gas have grown enormously from the 200 cylinders of LPG to the current 1,500 cylinders per day. Our world-class LPG storage and bottling facility, is equipped to fill 450 cylinders-per-hour.

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